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Volunteer Firefighter Application

Welcome to the Plympton-Wyoming Fire Department's Volunteer Firefighter Application Form

Please complete the following questions and information to apply as a Volunteer (Part-time/On-call) Firefighter for the Plympton-Wyoming Fire Department (Camlachie and Wyoming Fire Stations).


IF YOU …..

Want to help others and serve in your community.

Enjoy working as a team.

Enjoy continuous learning. 

You may be an ideal candidate for a challenging position as a Volunteer Firefighter



Please indicate the fire station you would prefer:
Education achievements. Check all that apply.
Ontario Drivers License Class and Condition. Check all that apply
Do you have training in any of the following training or skills? Check all that apply.
Are you proficient in English both written and spoken
I confirm that I am legally entitled to work in Canada.
Have you been convicted of a Criminal Offence that a pardon has not been granted
I understand and agree:
My family supports my application and my family and I understand and accept the commitment as a Volunteer Firefighter to training and responding to emergencies which will often interrupt normal schedules.
I confirm that I have a reliable means of transportation that is always at my disposal.
My employer supports my application and my employer is willing to sign a waiver indicating your ability to leave your place of work to respond to an emergency
I understand and agree that if successful I will be required to provide the following at the request and at cost of the department: Please check all to proceed.
By completing this form, I give consent to the Town to collect and use the information contained within for the purposes of employment.
I understand and agree:

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